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Process, practice and product.

I fully realize that my particular form of personal expression is not for everyone and I'm very comfortable with that. In terms of process, I usually get an idea for

an image based on my reaction to something I have seen

or read about. I then decide what approach I will take to deliver the message.

I believe as an artist, I am compelled to make a statement and provide the viewer with an opportunity to either agree or disagree with my point of view. The real point

is to make people think about what they see in the piece.

Commenting on things that influence my world is an important part of my role in a democratic society.

Positive and negative influences allow me to illustrate varying interpretations of the way I see things.


My observations are as personal as the art I produce and are heavily influenced by the interpretations of others. This allows me to share things that matter to me and are inspired by many daily interactions with others and the need to present these concepts to get my point across.


For me to study another artists' work is more meaningful than working from photos. Figuring out how they solved the many problems in their work is a great way to improve your own skills. Studying the work of others is as old as art itself and frankly it is the only way we learn and develop as a painter.


The final product should always be an enhancement

or altered somewhat from the original reference used.

That's what makes it a personal statement and an original piece of art. Each interpretation in my view, should look like a painting regardless of the method used. It should tell a story or deliver a message to the viewer.




I fully support the efforts of all independent artists

and the cultural significance that a

new regionalism view plays in an effort to portray the world

as it should be. Independent art is

a form of democracy that provides freedom of expression and the means to influence society in a positive way. 

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